When are they coming home??

Hi friends!  Sorry for taking so long to update all of you on our timeline.  I'm home now and (mostly) adjusted back to Central Time.  Here is the latest on bringing our boys home...

Short version:  If everything goes smoothly, Ben and the boys will be home on April 30th!  So please PRAY for PERFECTION in the PROCESS. ;)

Longer version:  These are details (as we understand them) about the remaining process to bring them home...

{We're currently in the mandatory waiting period after we passed court on April 1st.}

1) Court Decree - Ben and Yana (our translator/adoption process guru) will pick up the court decree in Volodarka on April 15th. 

2) Birth Certificates - Ben and Yana will travel to pick up the boys' new birth certificates.  Our boys were born in 2 different towns, but luckily they are only approximately 3 hours from each other.  In total, this step of getting birth certificates will take approximately 2 days. 

3) ID Codes - Yana will change the boys' ID codes in Kiev.  It takes 1 day to do this.

{If these steps go according to plan, they should be completed by April 18th.}

4) Passports - Ben, Yana, and the boys will all go to Kiev to submit some documents, take their passport pictures, etc.  If the other steps are done by the 18th, then the passports can be done on April 21st.

{The passports take 4 work days to be completed. This timeframe will also be when the boys start their goodbyes at the orphanage.  After those 4 days (so, hopefully April 25th), Ben and the boys will move to Kiev.}

6) Visas - Ben will schedule his appointments at the US Embassy (they require 2 appointment days--one to review the document and the next day for the interview appointment). If all is going as planned, these would happen April 28th-29th.

7) Fly Home - It looks like we're shooting for April 30th as their departure date! 

Thank you SO much for all of your excitement, prayers, support, and love!

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