I really, really, really like this post.  One of the comments we get a lot is that we "did such a good thing" by adopting Eden.  Or we're "such good people" for adopting Eden.  Are we heroes?  Nope.  We just did what God told us to do.  It's as simple as that.  And He gets ALL of the glory for it.

Eden Recap: months 10-12 of life; months 3-5 home

Ummm, so we’ve been a bit busy around here (like all parents) and we’ve neglected Eden’s scrapbook installments.  Oh well—at least we haven’t neglected her!  So here’s a catch-up post…

You’re still a petite little girl, teetering around 17 pounds and 29 inches tall.  You’re as healthy as can be and you’re long and lean!  And EVERYONE comments on how beautiful you are.  

Your skin is soft, your fingers are long, and you have a total of 6 teeth now (you added 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top).

You are still a very content, happy, smart, and playful baby.  That’s the other thing that EVERYONE comments on.  We know we are blessed!

You definitely test your boundaries on things and don’t like to be told “no” (who does?), but you’re responding to our discipline attempts fairly well.  Our biggest challenge is keeping you out of the dog food bowl!

You started crawling in full effect during your 10th month.  You are fast! 

During your 12th month, you have become very interested in walking.  You pull up on everything and are trying to stand on your own.  You’re very good at plopping down on your rear end instead of falling on your back/head, so that makes it easier!

During a recent trip to Minnesota, you learned how to climb stairs and we’re working with you on how to come back down properly (on your tummy; NOT head first).  In the meantime, we keep the baby gate up!  

You talk (babble) a lot!  It’s sweet to listen to you talk and we wonder what you are saying.  You’ve recently started saying “Mama” a LOT (you used to only say it every now and then).  When Mama walks in a room, you reach your arm out (it actually looks like you’re doing a Hitler gesture—oops!) and you say “Mama!”  Makes Mama VERY happy!  Poor Daddy…  

You still love to make sounds with your mouth…clicking with your tongue, motorboat with your lips, etc.  And you love to clap your hands!

You love your solid food!  You are not a picky eater at all.  Solid foods are much easier (and cheaper), so we’re happy you’ve got enough teeth to chew!  Bananas and carrots are certainly favorites, but you’ll eat anything we put in front of you.

You are drinking through a straw now.  It only took one day of “training” before you got the hang of it!  For now we’re only giving you water in your straw cups, but soon you’ll graduate to milk (instead of formula) and we’ll try juice eventually.

You crack us up with your faces!  This is the face you make when you try something sour.  Believe it or not, you still go back for a second taste!   

Praise the Lord for sleep!  You’re consistently sleeping through the night now (and have been for a few months).  If you do wake up at night, it’s because you don’t feel well (which isn’t often).  We’ve recently transitioned you to one afternoon nap instead of a morning and afternoon nap.  We did this because you were taking a while to go down for your naps, then you’d only sleep for an hour or so.  With the one nap a day, you definitely sleep longer (2 – 2 ½ hours). 

You still love being in either of our slings.  Daddy’s sling is particularly magical for those times you need to sleep when we’re out and about! 

Some Quirks
You crack us up with some of your little “quirks”…

You are very expressive with your eyebrows!  Here’s one of your favorite “looks”:


You recently started making a face when we take out a camera, so this is your “cheese” face:


You’ve forgotten that you know how to roll over from your back to your tummy.  It’s hilarious.  You get stuck like a beetle on it’s back!

You love to eat paper!  I guess we’ll have to change your nickname from “little bird” to “little goat!”

You are super cute when you stick your pointer finger into your paci:

Some Firsts
You had some “firsts” during this time of your life…

First time at the beach (you loved eating the sand!):


First 4-wheeler ride:


First jet ski ride:

First NFL football game (Vikings vs Texans):

First time meeting your great-grandmothers (in Minnesota):