My Birthday Wish List

I’ve got a birthday coming up {October 3rd} and wanted to share my “wish list” with you.  Now, before you go thinking I’m being greedy, this time the focus isn’t on me. ;)

My wish for my 35th birthday is that {at least} 35 people donate {at least} $35 to {at least} one of these orphan-focused ministries/families.  If my wish comes true, that adds up to {at least} $1,225 for orphan care!  And that would make for a happy 35th birthday to me!

(And YES, I'm being serious--if you were planning to buy me a gift, DON'T DO IT!  Donate to one of these families/ministries instead!)

The following ministries / families represent all of the facets of orphan care—from prevention and reunification to adoption to post-placement support for adoptive families.   Please consider donating, and if you do, please contact me so I can see if my “birthday wish” comes true.  Thanks, friends!

Orphan Prevention / Family Reunification:
Abide Family Center (Uganda)
Click here to get to know them and donate.

Orphan Care:
Dan & Christi Ucherek  (Guatemala)
$3,000 to raise in 2 months
Click here to get to know them and donate.

[NOTE: all of these families are in urgent financial need for their respective adoptions—and I know all of these families personally, so I can vouch for their legitimacy]

Tim & Maggie Bea Ray (international older child adoption – Ethiopia)
$12,000 to raise in 7 days
Click here to get to know them and donate.

Josh & Aubre Adams (international infant adoption – DRC)
$10,000 to raise in 1 month
Click here to get to know them and donate.

Kirby & Carie Lawson (domestic older child adoption)
$9,000 to raise in 1 month
Click here to get to know them and donate. 

Gray & Leigh Ladd (domestic infant adoption)
$3,000 to raise in 9 days
Donate via PayPal to and find Leigh on facebook or instagram to follow their story.

Post-Adoption Support:
Click here to get to know them, then follow the directions below to donate.

The donation link on the website isn’t up and running yet, so please make donations the old-fashion way.  Checks can be made out to “Refuge Ministries” and mailed to Refuge Ministries c/o Traci Heim, 6920 W. 173rd Place, Tinley Park, IL 60477.  Please indicate if this is a one-time donation or that you are interested in regular giving.

Can't wait to see the total impact!