Taking the Guess Work out of SHOPPING!

It's pretty cool that it has become an "in" thing to shop with a purpose.  You know, buy things that benefit something or someone.  I LOVE that!

On one of the ba-gillion blogs that I follow, this mom of 9 kids (4 bio; 5 adopted) spent her "free time" compiling a list of things you can purchase that benefit orphans in some way.  I love it!  A one-stop-shop (blog post) where you can buy cool things that will make a difference!  And Team Huss made the list! ;)

Hopefully this will make your shopping experience this Christmas a little more enjoyable!

Come on, you know you want to.  All the cool kids are doing it!  

Just click here to give gifts that give life.

We're in the TEENS!

Just got our new waitlist numbers and we're in the teens, people!

#26 on the girl list (moved 9 spots since 10/6/2010)
#14 on the boy list (moved 10 spots since 10/6/2010)
#19 on the sibling list (moved 9 spots since 10/6/2010)

This is our month to receive a phone call from our case manager rather than an email (it alternates each month).  The phone call months are great because you get to speak to your case manager, but it usually takes a lot longer to get your numbers because they have to call a lot of people.  Well, our case manager was sweet to send us these November numbers via email while we wait for our phone call.  Yay!

Shorter than the Charlton Heston version

Our pastor recently finished a sermon series about the 10 commandments.  The series was titled "Playground." 

Huh?  What does a playground have to do with the 10 commandments?

Well, he used the analogy of how every good playground has good boundaries.  Think about it.  As parents, that's what you look for in a good playground for your kiddos.  One with fences or something to keep your child from running into danger. 

Get the analogy?  God gives us boundaries because he loves us and wants the best for us!

My pastor is a much better communicator that me, but here is his summary of the 10 commandments.  And you know how I love a good "executive summary!"

God's Commandments (Exodus 20: 1-21)

Important point:  God had already established the relationship (v 1-2).  Rules without relationship equals rebellion.

Let this sink in:  God’s laws and rules were never given as a condition for a relationship with Him, but as confirmation of a relationship with Him.

Here's the breakdown:

First, honor God (v 3-11).

Second, honor parents (v 12).

Third, honor people (v 13-16). 

As a part of that, honor bodies (v 13), marriages (v 14), possessions (v 15), and reputation (v 16).

Last, guard your thoughts (v 17).

Note:  He would rather us not sin out of fear of Him than to keep making wrong decisions (v 18-20).

Closing thoughts:  In His boundaries there is freedom!  He isn’t trying to control me, He’s trying to help me live in freedom!