Baby Bump Update

Here is the 25-week baby bump shot...
Yep, I definitely "popped!"

Feeling Good, but Big
I continue to count my blessings with how well I've felt throughout my pregnancy.  Lately I've been feeling more of the uncomfortable things that come along with my belly being big.  Things like not being able to bend down easily (I have to go sideways now) to pick something up or tie my shoes; things like the stretching that my skin is doing in order to expand with Callie (luckily no stretchmarks...yet); things like the fact that my belly button is disappearing and it seems like I can actually feel it going away (stretching).  But seriously, I'll take these things any day because I know of the miracle that God is doing in my womb right now.  And I know that many women want this feeling, but can't have it.  So I definitely count it all as a blessing!

Health Stuff
- I survived my glucose test!  Don't have the results yet, but I'm happy to have that test behind me (although, it wasn't as bad as I had worked it up in my mind to be--thankfully)
- Cal continues to be active and move around a lot.  Ben can finally feel the movements now, so he's happy about that!  We have another ultrasound this week--pumped to see how she's progressing! 
- I also start my prenatal yoga class this week and I'm super pumped about that!  I loved yoga for the few years that I took, and am happy to get back into it--especially now that I need to be in tip-top shape for labor!  I'm interested to see the poses that we'll be doing now that bellies are more of an obstacle. ;)

A Connection
Throughout my pregnancy, I've felt a more emotional connection to Eden's birthmother (and all birthmothers).  I can't even fathom the painful decisions that a birthmother has to encounter, but now that I'm experiencing a pregnancy of my own, I feel more connected to what they feel as their child is growing in their womb.  As we started the education portion of our own adoption journey, I began to truly respect birthmothers.  That respect is now at an entire new level.