Two Mothers

In honor of Birthmother's Day, I wanted to share this little poem with you.  I wrote it on February 4, 2011 for Eden (with inspiration from a different poem that I read).  Happy Birthmother's Day!

There were once two women on different sides of the earth;
God’s plan brought them together through your birth.

One carried and delivered you—what God intended her to do;
The other prayed for a child, and God led her straight to you.

One made a painful choice to give you a better life;
The other is so grateful to her for that sacrifice.

Obedience and love—how both decisions were made;
You were CHOSEN, my child—and this love will never fade!

Your life is woven together by two different kinds of love;
This type of double-blessing was planned by God above.

You have the special love of a mother—multiplied by two!
One is in your heart forever; the other is “Mommy” to you.

Home Away from Home

Hannah's Hope - the transition home where our daughter spent her early days of life.  This place is amazing.  Let us give you a tour…

The road

The gate

Area inside the front gate - looked like they were growing herbs

Courtyard / Play area

Pathway in the back

Infant play room

One of the infant bedrooms (I think there were 4 total--2 girl and 2 boy)

Older kiddo play room

One of the older kiddo bedrooms (I think there were 4 total--2 girl and 2 boy)

Staircase to older kiddo bedrooms

Scripture painted on the wall


One of the bathrooms

Shoe storage

Making shiro (I think) for dinner

Not exactly sure what this is, but they were making something else

Cleaning EVERYTHING (they do this every day!)

Isn't it AMAZING?!  Unfortunately, it is not the environment of most orphans in Ethiopia. We are incredibly grateful that Eden spent her time here, but also very aware of the great need that continues to exist for the millions of orphans around the globe. 

We are SO grateful for all of the staff at Hannah's Hope!  Their love and commitment to these kiddos is amazing!  To find out more about Hannah's Hope, click here.

Lost in Translation

A friend came by last night to bring us dinner.  She had her 2 girls with her (a 2.5 year-old and a 9 month-old).  When they arrived, she shared this "funny" with us from the car ride...

Mom: We're going to see baby Eden!

2.5 year-old: What is her name?

Mom: Eden

2.5 year-old: Like eatin' fruit snacks?

Ah, I LOVE it!  That's what a good ol' East Texas accent (from both of her parents) will do.  Thanks for the laughs!