It's time to share with the blog world...Team Huss is expanding again! This time biologically--Lauren is pregnant

Eden will be a big sister sometime around April 21st (same timeframe that we came home with her this year)! We are very excited that God is continuing to bless our family with children!

First photo of "Baby Bean" at 8/9 weeks...
Now at 14 weeks, Bean is currently the size of a lemon (says the internet), and the baby bump is definitely showing.  Lauren has been blessed to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far.  Please pray for continued health of both her and Bean. 

Some questions you might have...with some answers...

Was this planned?
Yes. Once we were home and settled with Eden, we began praying that God would give us clarity on how long to try to get pregnant or when to start our next adoption process. We are blessed that God gave us such a clear answer so quickly! No medication of any sort was required for Lauren to get pregnant.

But I thought y'all adopted because you couldn't get pregnant?
Actually, that is NOT the reason we adopted. While we had certainly been trying to get pregnant back in 2009, our choice to adopt was that we clearly felt God calling us to adopt. The fact that we weren't pregnant certainly helped us in saying "yes" to that calling, but we still knew that having biological children was not out of the picture for us.

Will you adopt again?
Yes. We both feel strongly that we will adopt in the future. The when and where are uncertain at this time, but we're certain that we'll adopt again.

Thanks so much for all of your love and support! We'll keep everyone posted on our progress!