Next Steps

After receiving the bad news on November 11th that our dossier was never submitted and several documents had expired, we rallied and got our new dossier sent to our facilitator on November 22nd.  She received it on November 27th, translated it, and submitted it on December 4th!

So what now?

Well, we're not completely sure (that's the nature of adoption!), but here is what we know...

- in general, it takes 3 months from dossier submission to appointment date--the date we would go to Ukraine (if that timeframe holds true, that puts us there in March)

The Details:
- they will have a shutdown from December 10 - mid-January where they will not accept new dossiers, but WILL still be processing the ones they have (and they have ours!)

- in takes 3-4 weeks for them to check a dossier and register a family on the list of candidates to adopt (did you know that exactly 3 weeks from Dec 4 is Christmas day??  how cool would that be to receive our Registration Notification then?!)

- they will be off for the holidays from December 31 - January 8* (so this could definitely impact the 3-4 week timeframe noted above--our facilitator said not to expect to hear anything about our registration until mid-January--but we're still praying for Christmas!)

*Ukraine (like Ethiopia) is an Orthodox Christian country, which means that Christmas is celebrated on January 7

- after we receive our Registration Notification, it can take another 3 weeks to receive our Letter of Invitation with the date of our appointment (then we would travel to Ukraine to meet our boys and complete our adoption!)

How you can pray:
We believe that God still does miracles, and we are praying that we receive our Registration Notification by Christmas.  Will you pray with us?

Once we're in Ukraine, the entire process could take up to 8 weeks.  Ben plans to stay in country the entire time, so we are praying that we can afford for him to do that (cover his lost wages).  Will you pray with us?  If you feel led to give financially, you can use the AdoptTogether link on the right.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us on this journey!