In Writing

My friend Brooke and I just entered a FITNESS CONTRACT.

(NOTE: I can't get pics to upload right now, so check out her blog for our pics.  She's much more computer savvy than I am anyway...)

We're not overweight girls, but we are out of shape girls. And feeling a little squiggly around the edges...if you know what I mean.

And well, there is no time like the present, so we decided it was time to get in "go mode." It's helpful that we're both of the organized (read: a little bit OCD) persuasion because we had all sorts of fun using forms and files to lay out our personal, ULTIMATE GOAL for this process, as well as how to manage it along the way.

And it looks a little something like this: Every Sunday, we will "check in" with each other, listing our exercise/work out goals for the upcoming week, and "checking in" on whether or not the other kept to the plan she turned in the week before. This involves some specific information and numbers you will never see because it's none-ya, but in general, it's just a manageable exercise schedule.

The fun part is, if one of us falls off the wagon, you can expect public ridicule on my blog or hers.

Just kidding.


We haven't decided.

But we have decided on a reward system. It involves putting money in a jar each week to save for a girls’ weekend when we’ve reached our goal weights/shapes. 

We would LOVE to have your help along the way.  We need a little “tough love.”  Keep us accountable.  When you see us, ask us what we’ve done that week on the exercise front.  Do NOT be the “nice friend” to us.  Do NOT affirm us if we give you excuses.  Instead, pull a Jillian Michaels on us and give us a verbal thrashing.  Seriously.

And feel free to pass along ideas, encouragement or hardcore trainer lingo in the comments!

We'll keep you posted on our progress...


The courts in Ethiopia have officially reopened and are beginning to process cases again!  Woot!  Our official waitlist numbers for the month of October are...

#35 on the girl list (moved 7 spots since 9/13)
#24 on the boy list (moved 3 spots since 9/13)
#28 on the sibling list (moved 1 spot since 9/13)

That girl list sure is looking like it's going to catch up with the boy list!!  We'll see what happens!  As of now, the estimates for being matched with our child still look like it will be around February/March of 2011.  We'll keep you posted!!

For more detailed info on what our numbers mean, check out the "Our Digits" page on the upper right-hand side of our blog.


I’m tired. Tired of wrestling. Tired of not being at peace. Exhausted.

Without getting into specifics or sharing too much about our family’s adoption journey…or worrying you or making you feel like there is some big juicy secret I’m not telling you, I’m just asking for prayer as Ben and I wrestle with a decision about our adoption.

Apparently this time of year is when God “messes” with us. Or maybe He is constantly trying to lead us and we’re just too hard-headed to listen until we’re completely worn down from the “fight.” Yeah, that’s probably more like it.

The abbreviated version of what’s going on is that I’m not at peace with something related to our adoption parameters. While Ben isn’t wrestling with it like I am, he is being fully supportive of me as his wife and feels that if God is moving me to do something, he should listen and we’ll make the decision as a team. I am so thankful for my loving husband who is incredibly open-minded!

Please pray that we will have open hearts and minds to truly hear God’s voice about this decision and that we will be obedient--no matter what.

Thanks for being so supportive!

P.S. (to my small group) No, I’m not trying to talk Ben into moving to Africa.  I swear!