The Baby Bump

This is for all of my out-of-town girlfriends and sisters...

The 15 week baby bump (supposedly Bean is the size of an apple this week)

Funny Story
On Sunday afternoon, as I was trying to take a snooze (nap while Eden's napping, right?!), Bean decided to get the hiccups and keep me awake.  At first I thought I was just feeling my own pulse (you know how you can sometimes feel it in weird places).  Then I realized it couldn't be my pulse unless something was really wrong with me--teehee!  I knew it was too early for me to feel any sort of kicking, etc. from Bean, so I checked the all-knowing internet to see what it could be.  Sure enough, it mentioned that I could likely feel jerking movements if Bean got the hiccups.  Mystery solved, but it still kept me awake.  Just felt too weird for me to sleep...but it was really cool to feel the baby!

My Health
I continue to feel very blessed that I have had an uneventful pregnancy thus far.  Due to my crazy aversion (read: fear) of needles, I'm glad I haven't had to be poked any more than what a "normal" pregnant woman has to be.  I am dreading the glucose test (can't remember when that will take place, but I'm dreading it nonetheless).  I'm not really dreading it because I'm worried about the results.  It's the idea of downing a nasty "beverage" in a short amount of time that has me completely grossed out.  You see, I don't drink many beverages other than water, so even the idea of having to drink a soda would gross me out.  I just keep reminding myself of the millions of other pregnant women who survive I'm sure I will, too. ;)

An Amazing Realization
Maternity pants are freekin' awesome!  I've just started wearing them (thanks to friends who are letting me borrow their maternity wardrobe--I'm so blessed!) and they have changed my life.  All I can think of is how awesome this Thanksgiving meal will be now that I'll be wearing "stretchy pants" like this!  (But unlike Joey on "Friends," I'm wearing them for legitimate reasons.)  Oh, and it's been a great self-esteem boost to be wearing pants two sizes smaller than my normal pants.  Thank you to the makers of maternity gear for sizing them like that!