Team Huss is who we are. We believe that religion isn't about rules; it's about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have found that we make a bigger impact and accomplish greater things when we're working together as a team.  We try to keep our focus on these 3 things:  Love God.  Love People.  Have fun!  (yes, it really is that simple)

Ben is a Firefighter and Paramedic for the Houston Fire Department. His side job involves running the flags on the field at Houston Texans games! Lauren left public accounting after 12 years in order to stay at home with our kiddos.  Ben is clearly the cooler half of Team Huss, but Lauren keeps things running. It's a good match.  We both love working with students at our church, the Bridge.  And we love our first “children,” our 2 rescue dogs, Layla (Rottweiler mix) and Heidi (husky mix).

This October, we celebrated 10 years of marriage.  In those 10 years, our family has really grown!  We became first-time parents in April 2011 when we brought our baby girl, Eden home from Ethiopia!  Then we welcomed Callie into our family (this time biologically) in April 2012.  In April 2013, we found our 3 boys, Valik, Vlad, and Slavik in Ukraine and started the paperwork to bring them home!  We landed in Texas as a family of 7 in April 2014, but our story wasn’t finished yet… While we were in Ukraine in 2014, we met our next 2 boys, Zachary and Max.  We officially went from 7 to 9 when we landed in Texas in March 2016!  Can you tell that springtime brings a lot of growth and change for our family?!  And who knows what else God has in store for us…we are willing vessels to His irresistible calling on our lives.  There is always more room at our table!

This is us on our wedding day...

And this is us most every other day...

This is Team Huss!

And these are the puppies, Layla and Heidi!